War Of The Worlds Cameras Roll As Actors Wear Face Masks


War Of The Worlds Cameras Roll As Actors Wear Face Masks

Sex Education and The Pact are the latest Welsh productions to begin filming – but with dedicated testing laboratories and face masks on set.

They follow Fox TV’s War of the Worlds – the first big-budget series to resume shooting in the UK after lockdown.

The show, shot in a Newport studio and on location in south Wales, restarted filming on 13 July.

Producer Adam Knopf said everyone was working “to the highest safety standards”.

Drama series and feature films have had to raise millions in extra finance to pay for new safety precautions to ensure cast and crew are protected from coronavirus.

Delays to a UK government industry insurance scheme also means those who have succeeded in restarting filming have largely had to rely on contingency funding from broadcasters to pay for health and safety measures and unforeseen costs.

On the set of the second series of War of the Worlds, the changes include temperature checks on arrival, regular Covid-19 testing of cast and some crew, increased distance between departments working on set, and partitions between make-up and costume areas that were previously communal spaces.

Even the breaks between filming have been affected, with one-way systems and packed lunches replacing the traditional food trailers and dining areas.

“We had actors that were due to shoot on other productions in other countries, so we knew that if we didn’t start shooting on the thirteenth [of July] we might not even go this year,” said Cardiff-born producer Adam Knopf.

“So, for us, it was key that we started shooting on the thirteenth, and we managed it, just about.”


It involved securing a contingency fund from the broadcasters who had commissioned the series, and ensuring the production had exemptions from some Welsh Government restrictions.

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Key cast members who were travelling from abroad were excused from quarantine rules, as long as they only travelled from hotel to film set.

Mr Knopf said they spent 12 weeks putting plans in place, adding: “We were the first in the UK out of the high-end TV productions to start.

“We had a lot of eyes on us, so we had to make sure it was solid and correct, and that everyone was working to the highest safety standards.”

Welsh Government initiative Creative Wales supported the production company.

War Of The Worlds Cameras Roll As Actors Wear Face Masks



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