Victoria Derbyshire I’ll Break The Rule Of Six If It Applies At Christmas


Victoria Derbyshire I’ll Break The Rule Of Six If It Applies At Christmas

Victoria Derbyshire has said she would break the rule of six to enable her family to celebrate Christmas.

The BBC presenter said her family of seven knew the risks and would be “sensible” and buy a thermometer gun.

She told the Radio Times she felt irresponsible for considering it, but thought many others felt the same way.

Derbyshire has a family of four plus her mum, her mum’s partner and her husband’s dad. It is not clear if the rule of six will apply at Christmas.

“If the rule of six is still in place… we’re breaking it to have the rule of seven. We just are,” the journalist said.

“It’s fine. We’ll do it knowing what the risks are. We’re not stupid.

“We’re going to be sensible and buy a thermometer gun. But we have to be together at Christmas.

“It feels almost irresponsible saying that, but I don’t think we’re alone in feeling that way.

“We need to see my elderly mum and my husband’s elderly dad. We just do.”

She added that her mum lives in Bolton while she lives in London, so she hadn’t been able to see her regularly during the lockdown.

Bolton is currently under tier three coronavirus restrictions, while London is in tier two.

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What is the rule of six?

The rule of six makes it illegal for groups of more than six people to meet up in England.

It allows people to meet up in private homes, indoors and outdoors, and places such as pubs, restaurants, cafes and public outdoor spaces – but only in those areas in the tier one, medium alert level, category.

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Variations of the rule of six apply in tier two and three areas where lockdown rules are tighter. For example, in areas in the very high tier three category people are only allowed to meet in outdoor public spaces, such as parks.

The rule does not apply to schools, universities and workplaces, or weddings, funerals and organised team sports, which have different rules on maximum numbers.

People who ignore police could be fined £100 – doubling with each offence to a maximum of £3,200.

Victoria Derbyshire I’ll Break The Rule Of Six If It Applies At Christmas


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