US Election 2020 Five Viral Vote Claims Fact-Checked


US Election 2020 Five Viral Vote Claims Fact-Checked

As President Trump continues to dispute the result of the US election, false or misleading posts have been spreading on social media about the vote.

Some have been amplified by President Trump and his team, who have called into question the integrity of the election without providing evidence.

We’ve checked some of the main claims.

Dead people can’t vote: Michigan rumour debunked

Viral tweets alleged that dead people were casting votes in the key state of Michigan, adding to a Trump-led chorus of unproven “voter fraud” claims.

Michigan authorities have hit back, calling the rumours “misinformation” – and noting that votes from dead people are rejected.

The viral tweets supposedly identified people who had cast an absentee ballot despite being born at the turn of the century and having passed away.

One of the men in the posts seems to have been mixed up with his father, now deceased. The men had the same name and address, according to the Politifact website. Local officials in Michigan told the site that the son’s ballot was erroneously attributed to the father on the official voting system.

We’ve seen other isolated cases of allegations of “dead people” voting – most also explained by family members with the same name, or technical hitches, such as voters being instructed to enter a dummy date of birth if they can’t initially find their voter registration record online.

The rumours have been repeated by influential accounts, including those of the president’s son Don Jr – who of course also shares a name with his father – and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

There was a problem in one county where votes were initially incorrectly reported for Mr Biden, which Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said “was quickly identified and corrected”.

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She added the initial mistake was a human error, not a software error.

Viral posts currently circulating claim there could be the same issue in 47 other counties in Michigan where the same software is used.

Mrs Benson said: “There is no evidence this user error occurred elsewhere in the state.”

US Election 2020 Five Viral Vote Claims Fact-Checked


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