UK-Wide School Reopening Plan Would Make Sense


UK-Wide School Reopening Plan Would Make Sense

A UK-wide policy for reopening schools would make sense, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart has said.

Mr Hart said differences between the nations on schools policy are confusing for parents and children.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the date of 8 March “at the earliest” for the reopening of schools in England, which have been closed across the UK during lockdown.

The Welsh Government is yet to set such a date.

There have been calls for ministers to say what milestones should be reached before children return to classrooms.

Asked by BBC Wales whether he would like to see a similar target in set in Wales, Mr Hart said: “I always think, and I thought right from the beginning, that if we can do these things on a UK-wide basis, it makes sense.


“It makes sense because public compliance is easier to achieve that way, people understand exactly what the rules are, what the restraints are, what the support might be, whether it’s financial or otherwise.”

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The Welsh secretary said Covid “doesn’t follow a predictable pattern”.

“The danger of me standing here now and saying it’ll definitely be like this is it probably, definitely won’t,” he said.

In the same interview Mr Hart said the UK government has delivered 500,000 vaccination doses to Wales.

Latest Public Health Wales figures say 336,071 doses have been given to individuals.

Mr Hart said the Welsh Government had made “good progress”.

“This is not a competition between governments. it’s a competition between governments and Covid,” he said.

Welsh Government had a “slightly slow start,” he said. “It caught up, which is brilliant.

“This is not a sort of opportunity to criticise, we want this to work.

UK-Wide School Reopening Plan Would Make Sense


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