These New Mulan Character Posters Will Make a Fan Out of You


These New Mulan Character Posters Will Make a Fan Out of You

Over the weekend, Walt Disney Studios released a bunch of incredible-looking Mulan character posters. Featuring six key cast members, including lead Liu Yifei as Mulan, Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, and Jet Li as The Emperor, these posters are not only gorgeous works of art but convey the tone and action of the movie we’re all going to see in March.

All six Mulan posters are just perfect, full-stop. Each character stares straight out at you at they strike their most ferocious pose. Notably, each character is also holding a sword or knife and, reflected in those blades in the fact of Yifei’s Mulan. This is one of the rare times we’re also getting a complete look at some of the characters, including Gong Li‘s warrior witch Xian Liang and Jason Scott Lee‘s Bori Khan. Xian Liang is witchy, indeed, with white eye make-up making her look otherworldly as her half-talon, half-hand grips a three-pronged blade. meanwhile, Bori Khan grips a curved blade with smaller spikes coming out of it that looks like it would hurt a whole hell of a lot if you got hit with it. But seriously, all of the posters look so good, with the movement of clothing or hair giving life to each of the posters and hinting at the big battle featured in the film as Mulan sets out to bring honor to her family and defend her country from Xian Liang’s invading army.

Directed by Niki Caro (Whale Rider), the new live-action Mulan movie is one of many live-action remakes coming from Disney in 2020 and beyond. The movie will partially re-tell the story set out in the 1998 animated movie of the same name starring Ming-Na Wen and Eddie Murphy while also incorporating story elements from the Chinese legend of Mulan.

Mulan arrives in theaters on March 27, 2020. Take a look at all of the character posters below and be sure to check out the latest Mulan trailer before you go.

These New Mulan Character Posters Will Make a Fan Out of You



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