The Countdown YouTuber Cammie Scott Omaha And Trumphernalia


The Countdown YouTuber Cammie Scott Omaha And Trumphernalia

Three tight spots on Wednesday

  • In Omaha, hundreds of people were stranded at an airfield in the freezing cold and unable to get home. The mayor of Omaha and police officials just told reporters that some did get medical attention and the police had to help some with transport out of the airfield.
  • But also in Michigan, a judge overturned a ban on openly carrying guns to polling stations on voting day. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who issued the ban, said she would challenge the ruling.

    Lifestyle YouTuber Cammie Scott mostly finds moderate success by doing things like surprising her girlfriend with a spa day at home.

    Anonymous Trump Administration Critic Identifies Himself

    But on Tuesday, she hosted an Instagram Live for her 454,000 followers with the eldest grand-daughter of Joe Biden, Naomi Biden, and they talked about what stops young people from voting.

    Young viewers shared their experiences in the comments and most had voted early.

    “I just turned 18, a couple weeks ago, so glad I made the cut lol, and I voted by mail,” said one young voter in the swing state of Ohio.

    The YouTuber remembered how curtains at the voting booths seemed daunting when she would accompany her mother to vote. She asked Naomi if her grandfather was as compassionate as he seems. Spoiler alert, sorry, but his grand-daughter who vocally supports him on social media said “yes”- and offered him up as “America’s grandfather”.

    Trumphernalia in the Midwest

    Mr Trump was campaigning hard yesterday in the crucial state of Michigan which he won narrowly in 2016. Pictures of his supporters show the sometimes extravagant lengths they will go to showcase their support.

The Countdown YouTuber Cammie Scott Omaha And Trumphernalia


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