The Closed Edinburgh Cinema Costing £20,000 A Month To Run


The Closed Edinburgh Cinema Costing £20,000 A Month To Run

The historic Dominion, which is one of the oldest cinemas in Scotland, has been closed for the past seven months.

It is the longest it has ever been shut in its 82 year history and its emptiness and dark windows sit in stark contrast to the normally vibrant family-run cinema in Edinburgh.

However, little do passers-by know that despite its lights being out, it is still costing £20,000 a month to run.

BBC Scotland had a peek inside to find out from the usually very private family owners what it takes to operate an empty cinema.

Lesley Cameron, who is a co-owner of the Morningside cinema with her two brothers, said she was sad and anxious at the situation they had found themselves in.

“We are really struggling and have had no grants. We need help.

“There is a lot of expenditure to run a cinema which we don’t normally talk about and we have already spent more than £100,000 since May just sitting still.”

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Heating bills so the four-screen cinema does not get damp, water rates, insurance, monthly servicing projector costs, card reader machine contracts, IT costs and staff tax and national insurance have all contributed to the huge monthly outgoings.

Mrs Cameron said: “You can’t imagine all the costs that are involved for example when the old girl was shut down things were working but now we are finding little IT things that are going wrong and we are having to get them fixed.

“We have also had to soak the cinema in heat so it doesn’t get damp.

“We have kept trying to reopen but every time the distributers have pulled the films so we have had no product to show.”

The Closed Edinburgh Cinema Costing £20,000 A Month To Run



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