The Best Of The Cheesy Christmas Movies


The Best Of The Cheesy Christmas Movies

There are a few Christmas films that are undeniably classics.

Think It’s a Wonderful Life. Think Elf. Don’t mention Love, Actually – we don’t have time to get into that just now.

But once you’ve watched the classics, there’s a whole new genre to get stuck into over your mulled wine.

A genre that’s perhaps best described with the word ‘cheesy’.

You can probably guess some of the plotlines.

Successful city girl goes back to her home town for Christmas and ends up rediscovering a) the true meaning of the season and b) her still-hot high school boyfriend.

Then there’s the one where girl meets boy who turns out to be a prince. Or the widowed man who learns to love again.

The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime in the US are the most famous for making these films.

But now that all the streaming services have added original and back catalogues, they are easier than ever for us to binge.

Whether you want to admit to being a fan is up to you, but we’ve picked out some of the best. And look, no one needs to know you read this article.

Leanne’s top recommendation is The Christmas Contract.

It stars One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton, which was a big draw for Leanne.

“I really love that one because it made me think this is made for people who grew up with that show or why else have those two actors in it?

“It’s perfect.”

It tells the familiar story of a newly single woman who dreads the thought of going back to her home town for Christmas.

Of course her ex-boyfriend is there and he has a new girlfriend.

“The idea of going back to your hometown and seeing your ex is actually really awful when you think about it,” laughs Leanne.

“Can you think of anything worse? But for whatever reason it just works out so well.”

We have to give a nod to the lady who is known as the Queen of Christmas TV movies.

Candace Cameron Bure’s ninth festive film came out this year for the Hallmark Channel – If I Only Had Christmas.

She plays a “cheerful” publicist who teams up with a cynical business owner to help a charity in need at Christmas time.

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But she has also travelled back in time in ‘Journey Back to Christmas’ and swapped places with her twin sister in Switched For Christmas.

The one we are recommending though is A Shoe Addict’s Christmas – which is a take on A Christmas Carol but with lots of shoes.

To watch Hallmark films in the UK, you might catch them on Channel 5 or freeview channels but there is also a dedicated channel on Amazon Prime that you can subscribe to.

The Best Of The Cheesy Christmas Movies


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