PM Stays In Isolation With Coronavirus Symptoms


PM Stays In Isolation With Coronavirus Symptoms

Boris Johnson will carry on self-isolating after continuing to display mild symptoms of the coronavirus including having a temperature.

The prime minister tested positive for the virus last Friday and had been due to come out of self-isolation today.

Mr Johnson continues to work from home and chaired a coronavirus meeting on Friday morning.

He was seen on Thursday applauding the NHS and other key workers from his flat in Downing Street.

Speaking in a video posted on Twitter, Mr Johnson said: “Although I am feeling better and I’ve done my seven days of isolation alas I still have one of the minor symptoms.

“I still have a temperature. So in accordance with government advice I must continue my self isolation until that symptom itself goes.

“But we’re working clearly the whole time on our programme to beat the virus.”

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He also added with expected good weather over the weekend that people may be tempted to ignore the advice and spend more time outside.

“I just urge you not do do that,” he said.

“Please, please stick with the guidance.”

PM Stays In Isolation With Coronavirus Symptoms



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