Maggi Hambling BBC Documentary Celebrates Extraordinary Artist


Maggi Hambling BBC Documentary Celebrates Extraordinary Artist

A new documentary aims to celebrate “one of Britain’s greatest artists” and put her firmly in the public’s consciousness, its director said.

Maggi Hambling: Making Love With The Paint is on BBC Two on Saturday night.

Randall Wright said it showed her “ferocious” side and the lesser known “private and fragile Maggi the artist”.

Hambling, who has turned 75, said: “I’m used to making portraits of people and Randall has made a portrait of me and that’s quite alarming.”

She discovered her love for painting aged 14 and shows no signs of slowing down having opened a new exhibition at London’s Marlborough Gallery of works painted during lockdown.

In the documentary she reveals she wakes up at 05:00 every day and the first thing she does is draw.

Her works include land and seascapes, including the celebrated North Sea paintings, portraits, paintings of the dead and sculptures in tribute to composer Benjamin Britten and writer Oscar Wilde.

“The artist doesn’t choose the subject, the subject chooses the artist,” she said.

“If something moves me sufficiently I’m forced to do something about it in my work.”

  • Maggi Hambling was born in Sudbury, Suffolk and divides her time between the county and London
  • She went to Amberfield School in Nacton, the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Hadleigh, Ipswich School of Art, Camberwell and the Slade art schools in London
  • Chester Drive-In Movie Bogged Down By Lockdown Loos
  • Hambling became the first artist in residence at The National Gallery in 1980
  • She is known for what she describes as “rebellion lesbionic antics”, including sporting a moustache when she was a team captain on Channel 4’s Gallery art quiz show in the early 1990s
  • Hambling is usually photographed with a cigarette which she says is to show it is important for people to have freedom of choice
  • She was appointed CBE in 2009

Maggi Hambling BBC Documentary Celebrates Extraordinary Artist



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