Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United Premier League Return Magnificently Chaotic For Marcelo Bielsa’s Club


Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United Premier League Return Magnificently Chaotic For Marcelo Bielsa’s Club

Leeds United have had their noses pressed up against the Premier League’s window for 16 years – the promised land for a former superpower that spent too long falling on hard times.

If this magnificently chaotic, dramatic return to the top order at Liverpool is anything to go by, Marcelo Bielsa’s team will be making up for that lost time very quickly.

Leeds lost a flawed and fabulous football match 4-3, their comeback ruined with two minutes to go by a brainless challenge from new £30m striker Rodrigo as he bundled Fabinho to the ground, leaving Mohamed Salah to complete his hat-trick and give the reigning champions three points.

This was a different Premier League opener at a largely deserted Anfield and, once again, the great regret was that 54,000 supporters could not have packed out the stadium to revel in this piece of theatre.

It was not perfect, far from it.

The defending from both sides was dreadful, but this was such rich entertainment it actually enhanced the spectacle rather than diminished it.

Liverpool did what they do. They won.

Leeds United left empty-handed, when their reward is measured in points, but they will take much pleasure and satisfaction back across the Pennines to Yorkshire when the pain subsides.

Bielsa and his players always promised to decorate the Premier League after the manner in which they gained promotion as Championship winners least season – and it will be some ride if this is going to be the template for their campaign.

Any pessimists among Leeds fans (not that there seem to be many) would have had their heads in their hands when Liverpool scored after just three minutes, but they would have been thrilled by the response.

Leeds did not take a backward step, playing Liverpool at their own high-intensity pressing game and almost coming away with a point.

They scored goals of polish, such as Jack Harrison’s sweet, right-foot shot past Alisson at the end of a swift move started by a pass from goalkeeper Illan Meslier to make it 1-1, then the perfect technique of a first touch and volleyed finish from Mateusz Klich to draw them level for a third time.

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Leeds play with unrelenting energy. It may yet be that this fierce style catches up with them in a long, unforgiving season but it is going to be fun as long as it lasts.

And at the heart of it all is the charismatic Bielsa, crouching for periods long enough to render many unable to return to a standing position, then prowling his technical area, even knocking a drink over in brief celebration after Harrison made it 1-1.

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United Premier League Return Magnificently Chaotic For Marcelo Bielsa’s Club

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