Lesley Manville Most Actors Are Not Loaded


Lesley Manville Most Actors Are Not Loaded

Lesley Manville has said she “feels for young actors” during the coronavirus crisis, most of whom she says are not as well-off as some people may assume.

The Mum star, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2018 for her role in Phantom Thread, is among a host of big names to have delivered a new monologue online for the Equity Benevolent Fund.

The union is offering support to actors in need of help during the pandemic.

Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi also uploaded solo performances from home.

“I really feel for young actors at the moment, who are just getting going,” Manville told BBC News.

“They’re now stuck in this real kind of critical situation that we can’t see at the moment quite how we are going to get out of.”


“You know, will theatres survive even? And when are we ever going to be in front of a camera again?” she continued.

“It’s just very scary. They’ve devoted their time to studying and becoming actors, and then suddenly they can’t do what they’re trained to do.”

Manville believes there is “an illusion”, or general perception that “if you’re an actor, you must be loaded”.

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“I’m not denying that there are some very well-paid actors around without question, who are not going to be knocking on the door of the Equity Benevolent Fund at all,” she went on.

“But that is not the case of the majority. This is about them just needing support at a time when hopefully we’re going to get through and there will be an industry when we come out the other side.”

Lesley Manville Most Actors Are Not Loaded



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