I’ll Be Hosting My Christmas Over Zoom


I’ll Be Hosting My Christmas Over Zoom

When a leading medical expert urged people to prepare for a “digital Christmas” last week, the response was mixed. But amid the frustration and “mistletoe and Zoom” jokes, some people were already rearranging their plans.

“I imagine the iPad and FaceTime will be on pretty much the whole day on Christmas Day,” says Gail Buckie, from Edinburgh.

Gail’s family live about 150 miles away on the Isle of Mull and she says “there’s no way we’ll be able to see them over Christmas” – especially with her mother considered vulnerable.

But she says she’s already putting “a lot more effort” into this year’s festivities – and has even booked Santa to visit her children at her doorstep because they won’t be able to go to a grotto like usual.

“We’ve already started to stock up on extra Christmas lights,” she tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “I think I’ve probably, in the past, been a bit more ‘less is more’ type thing, but with the children spending so much time inside, we’re going to decorate their bedroom.

“It will be just a wee small thing for us,” she says. “But we’ll make it extra special trying to keep connected.”

It’s still too early to say what Christmas will be like for everyone.

That means Gail isn’t alone in planning a digital Christmas Day.

Mhairi Hamilton, from Larkhall, in South Lanarkshire, says she is “ahead of the curve” and has already cancelled her big family Christmas to avoid months of uncertainty.

“So I called it about six weeks ago and put a message round the family saying that I was not going to host in the house but I would host a Zoom Christmas,” she tells BBC Radio Scotland.


“I would preserve what we could of the family traditions and we would take it from there. And the response I got from the extended family was nothing but positive. You know, things like, ‘you mean we can do this in our jammies? You mean we don’t have to drive?’. I’m going, yes, yes, yes.”

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Mhairi is currently in the process of making gift bags for her relatives, which will be filled with drinks and nibbles, and the whole family will open their Secret Santa presents on a video call.

I’ll Be Hosting My Christmas Over Zoom


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