How Would Biden Change Foreign Policy


How Would Biden Change Foreign Policy

“I don’t want to overstate this,” says Tony Arend, with an intensity that radiates through his face mask. “But the future of the global order is at stake.”

The Georgetown University professor sees the election as a foreign policy showdown, “because we have two very fundamentally different visions of what the world should look like and what American leadership in the world should look like”.

The world according to President Trump is one of “America First” nationalism, ditching international agreements that he believes give the US a raw deal. It is transactional, disruptive and unilateralist. It is also personal and erratic, shaped by his gut feelings and relationships with leaders, and driven by his Twitter feed.

The world according to Joe Biden is a much more traditional take on America’s role and interests, grounded in international institutions established after World War Two, and based on shared western democratic values.

It is one of global alliances in which America leads free nations in combating transnational threats.

What would change under Biden?

A few things stand out – the approach to allies, to climate change, and to the Middle East.


President Trump has praised autocrats and insulted allies. At the top of Joe Biden’s To-Do list is a full-court press to repair strained relationships, especially in Nato, and rejoin global alliances. A Biden administration would return to the World Health Organization and seek to lead an international coronavirus response.

Biden’s campaign frames this as a major reset to rescue America’s damaged image and rally democracies against what it sees as a rising tide of authoritarianism. it would be more style than substance, counters Danielle Pletka of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. She argues that the Trump administration has achieved a lot on the global stage, just with sharp elbows.

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“Have we lost friends to go to parties with? You bet,” she says. “Nobody wants to go to parties with Donald Trump. Have we lost power and influence on the metrics that actually have mattered for the last 70 years? No”


Speaking of substance, Joe Biden would make fighting climate change a priority and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which is one of the international accords that Donald Trump dumped.

How Would Biden Change Foreign Policy


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