Graham Norton Presents His Final Radio 2 Show After 10 Years


Graham Norton Presents His Final Radio 2 Show After 10 Years

Graham Norton told listeners it had been a “privilege being part of your Saturday mornings” as he bid an emotional farewell to Radio 2.

The star will front a new show on Virgin Radio from January.

At the end of his final Radio 2 programme, he said: “Mostly, I need to say thank you to you, the listeners.

“It’s been lovely sharing your lives and hearing your messages, and that’s been the greatest joy of being on Radio 2, it really has.”

He added 10 years had “gone by in the blink of an eye” and closed the programme by playing Reach by S Club 7.

“It has been a privilege to be part of your mornings,” he said. “I’m getting emotional now. Someone told me I’d get emotional and I said ‘No I won’t.'”

He joked that it made him feel better to “think of the six flights of stairs” he will no longer need to climb to reach the Radio 2 studios in Wogan House in central London.

Earlier in the programme, Norton acknowledged it was “the end of an era”, and read out messages from listeners who said they would miss him.

The chat show host then joked: “Just bear in mind, as you’re doing your sadness, when I leave here today I’m leaving in a taxi not a hearse. We’re OK. I’ll still be in the world. I just won’t be here. That’s all.”

Norton has signed a three-year contract with Virgin, which will see him present on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Radio 2’s Saturday morning slot, one of the most high-profile on the station, will be taken over by Strictly Come Dancing co-host Claudia Winkleman.

BBC Radio 2 confirmed in November that Norton would be leaving at the end of the year – an announcement which took his listeners by surprise.

In fact, Norton had only made the decision himself in the preceding few weeks, after a chance encounter with his old colleague, Chris Evans.

Graham Norton Presents His Final Radio 2 Show After 10 Years


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