Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise To 99,225, Deaths To 1,607


Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise To 99,225, Deaths To 1,607

Germany’s confirmed coronavirus infections rose by 3,834 in the past 24 hours to 99,225 on Tuesday, rising again after four consecutive days of drops, data from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases showed.

The reported death toll rose by 173 to 1,607.

Tuesday’s number of new cases was higher than the 3,677 new infections reported on Monday. Deaths had risen by 92 on Monday.

From China to Russia, containment measures have often come with heightened surveillance, as authorities use artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to keep tabs on the population, alarming human rights activists and privacy experts.

Here is a rundown of governments rolling out technology to track and contain the outbreak:


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Authorities across China have rolled out “big data” measures, adding to a host of monitoring tools already being used, such as facial recognition and phone data tracking.

These include apps monitoring the daily temperature of students preparing to return to school or assigning people colour codes based on their travels, time spent in outbreak hotspots and exposure to potential carriers of the virus.


In South Korea, private software developers have set up websites and apps to help people track cases and shun places where infected people have been.

Identities were not published but the information that was enabled web developers to build detailed maps tracking the movements of patients.


People suspected of having the coronavirus in India have received hand stamps and are being tracked using their mobile phones and personal data to help enforce quarantines.

Government officials are also pulling out citizen and reservation data from airlines and the railways to track suspected infections.

The southern state of Karnataka has asked people in home quarantine to upload one selfie an hour to a phone app during daytime to confirm their whereabouts, according to local media reports.


Singapore, which has been using police investigators and security cameras to help track suspect carriers, launched a contact-tracing smartphone app to allow authorities to identify those who have been exposed to people infected with coronavirus.

Records of the encounters will be stored locally on each phone and the data will be encrypted. The app will not access other information, such as a user’s location, and its functionality will be suspended after the epidemic subsides.

Germany’s Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Rise To 99,225, Deaths To 1,607


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