Firms Call For Details Of Post Lockdown Reopening So They Can Plan


Firms Call For Details Of Post Lockdown Reopening So They Can Plan

Business leaders have called on the government to work with them on a roadmap out of lockdown to unlock investment for a post-Covid recovery.

In a letter to Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, the Confederation of British Industry says the time to plan for re-opening the economy in England is now.

Firms are “in the dark” about planning for the months ahead, the employers’ group said.

A government spokesperson said lockdown would be lifted as soon as possible.

But the CBI, which speaks on behalf of about 190,000 businesses, said there is an opportunity to “use time wisely” to prepare for a safe re-opening of the economy.

In a letter to Mr Kwarteng, CBI director-general Tony Danker, writes: “With health teams rightly in crisis management mode, we in business along with the economic ministries can use this time to plan for a successful re-opening of the economy when the moment is right to do so.

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“Businesses are currently completely in the dark when planning for the weeks and months ahead and this is hindering investment. We can provide more clarity and do the prep work now to enable them to plan for reopening and growth.”

Mr Danker will also be writing to the devolved nations’ governments next week.

The CBI calls for clarification on what will be considered low, medium or high-risk economic activity, so that businesses can understand what will open sooner or later.

Mr Danker also wants to know whether or not there will be a return to tiering, as part of a gradual re-opening.

He also wants the creation of bespoke, detailed plans for the harder-to-open sectors of the economy, such as testing regimes for international travel, or the conditions for activities such as hospitality and live events to return.

Firms Call For Details Of Post Lockdown Reopening So They Can Plan


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