Do Postal Ballots Lead To Voting Fraud


Do Postal Ballots Lead To Voting Fraud

President Trump has criticised plans to expand postal voting in the forthcoming presidential election, claiming it leads to widespread fraud – but what evidence is there?

The US is in uncharted territory during the coronavirus pandemic as a record number of Americans are expected to vote by post.

Election authorities and the postal service have been put under immense strain processing the millions of extra ballots.

This has led to claims the system is unsafe and susceptible to manipulation.

Problems at previous elections?

Numerous national and state-level studies have shown that although there have been isolated cases, electoral fraud is very rare.

There have been a few, well-publicised cases, such as in the 2018 North Carolina primary, which was re-run after a consultant for the Republican candidate tampered with voting papers.


President Trump tweeted:: “In Ohio, 50,000 ballots were wrong, fraudulent – 50,000.”

And about 50,000 voters did receive the wrong ballot in the post, in Franklin County, Ohio, in early October.

But there is no evidence this was done fraudulently.

And the local elections board says everyone affected has now been sent the correct voter slip, with safeguards in place to ensure no-one votes twice.

The board said the ballot error had been a “serious mistake”.

But in response to the president’s tweet, it added: “Our board is bipartisan and our elections are fair.

“And every vote will be counted.”

  • In New York, nearly 100,000 ballots are being resent to voters after some names and addresses were printed incorrectly.
  • In Michigan about 400 postal ballots listed the wrong running mate for President Trump – the Libertarian Party’s Jeremy Cohen instead of Mike Pence. President Trump claimed in September this had been deliberate. But the Michigan secretary of state said it had been an error and “impacted voters immediately received an accurate ballot and guidance to ensure their vote counts”.
  • In Pennsylvania, nine discarded military ballots were discovered. Seven of them, according to the US Department for Justice, “were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump”.
  • In New Jersey, a mail carrier was charged after dumping hundreds of items of post in a dumpster, including almost 100 election ballots. Once found, the mail was sent on to its intended recipients.

Do Postal Ballots Lead To Voting Fraud


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