BTS New Album BE Authentic But Takes Few Risks Say Critics


BTS New Album BE Authentic But Takes Few Risks Say Critics

BTS released their second album of the year on Friday, which critics have said is “authentic” but doesn’t take “many risks”.

BE, the K-pop band’s follow-up to their UK and US number one Map of the Soul: 7, sees them address life in lockdown.

Speaking at a Seoul press conference, the band described the album as “a letter of hope” to their fans (known as The Army) around the world.

It has received a mix of three and four-star reviews, from music writers.

The Guardian said┬áthe seven-strong unit are now showing they are not “manufactured robots” – a criticism sometimes labelled at K-pop acts – but profoundly human stars.

Katie Hawthrone opined that they had “rewrote the western pop rulebook” around fan engagement, and by various band members taking on different creative roles.

‘A happy side effect’

“What makes BTS revolutionary is their willingness to address [the issue of authenticity], while showing their doubts, flaws, and sources of support. They undermine both the myth of the lone musical genius and the stereotype of the K-pop automaton.”

“BE’s homespun aesthetic suggests a new articulation of the group’s identity, but it centres yet again around their fanbase, using the Easter eggs, clues and in-jokes developed over years of sharing storytelling duties with their fans,” she added.

“This is authenticity in a language only they and their Army speak – highlighting the hypocrisy of ‘authentic’ pop music is just a happy side effect.”

“BE doesn’t overstay its welcome, coming and going in less than half an hour and, like pretty much all BTS albums before it, it doesn’t take many risks,” wrote Jochan Embley.

“Maybe that’s not a bad thing – in these bleak times, there’s no doubt it’ll be a thing of comfort for millions, and there’s little else that can provide such a thing right now.”

BTS New Album BE Authentic But Takes Few Risks Say Critics


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