Bharti Singh Indian Comedian Arrested After Cannabis Found In Raid


Bharti Singh Indian Comedian Arrested After Cannabis Found In Raid

Indian comedian Bharti Singh has been arrested after cannabis was found during a raid on her home.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) said 86.5g (3oz) of the drug was found in the house she shares with husband, screenwriter Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

The pair, who co-host the reality show India’s Best Dancer, were taken in for questioning.

The raid was part of an investigation into allegations of illegal drug use in the entertainment industry.

The investigation emerged from a high-profile inquiry into the death of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June and has led to multiple raids on figures from the TV and film world.

Rajput, 34, was found dead in his flat in Mumbai on 14 June. Police at the time said he had killed himself.

“[Ms Singh] and her husband have been detained for questioning about possession of narcotics substances,” Sameer Wankhede, one of the investigating officials, told the ANI news agency.

The PTI news agency quoted an official stating that Ms Singh’s name came up during an interview with a drug pusher.

Upon leaving her home in Mumbai, Ms Singh told reporters: “They have called us for some questioning, that’s all.”

Top Bollywood actors including Deepika Padukone, Rakulpreet Singh and Shraddha Kapoor have been questioned as part of the recent investigation.

Rajput was a rising star in India’s popular Hindi film industry, and his death shocked India. His body was discovered in his bedroom on 14 June. Mumbai police said the 34-year-old appeared to have taken his own life, and reports in the press suggested that the actor had been dealing with mental health issues.

But within days, the attention generated by his death had shifted to Chakraborty. She has become the subject of gossip and innuendo and misogynistic abuse. Every little detail of her life and relationship have been laid bare and debated in public.

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Conservative television hosts have described her as a “manipulative” woman who “performed black magic” and “drove Sushant to suicide”. On social media, she has been trolled mercilessly and called a “fortune huntress”, a “mafia moll” and “sex bait to trap rich men”.

Last month, Chakraborty¬†posted on Instagram¬†a screen grab of a message from a person claiming to be a fan of Rajput’s, threatening her with rape and murder and urging her to “commit suicide otherwise I will send people to kill you”.

Bharti Singh Indian Comedian Arrested After Cannabis Found In Raid


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