Behind The Scenes Of Stormzy’s Glastonbury Set


Behind The Scenes Of Stormzy’s Glastonbury Set

In 2019, Stormzy pulled off one of the most talked-about headline sets at Glastonbury in recent years.

It marked the first time a British black man had taken to that stage, in that slot – and the performance was a celebration of British black culture.

But he didn’t do it all by himself – he hired creative directors Bronksi and Amber Rimell, who run Tawbox.

With the 2020 Glastonbury Festival cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, the BBC has been hosting a virtual line-up, featuring some of the festival’s best performances across the years.

To coincide with the 2020 mash-up, pictures have been shared of Stormzy’s rehearsals and how that 75-minute show came together.

Stormzy performed Shut Up with WAR (We Ain’t Regular), a dance collective from south London.

Amber knew the group and thought they would be perfect alongside the grime star. Later she came across 10-year-old dancer Princess K, on Instagram, and added her to the mix.

“I put this to Stormzy and he was, like, in love with it,” she says.

“When we went into rehearsals, and he saw the piece – he was blown away by the talent in the room.”

Bronksi and Amber worked with a set designer called Misty Buckley.

She has a huge amount of experience, from the Superbowl halftime show to the Brit Awards and Glastonbury.

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The set featured layers of video which allowed Bronski and Amber to visually support the narrative of Stormzy’s 75-minute set.

Amber says planning and rehearsing began about eight months before Stormzy took to the stage at Worthy Farm.

Bronski says it was the biggest set that has ever been on the Pyramid Stage.

“And believe it or not, the Pyramid Stage is actually really small,” he says. “So we pushed it to its boundaries, in terms of how big and heavy a set we could get in there.”

Behind The Scenes Of Stormzy’s Glastonbury Set


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