Avengers Endgame Directors Explain Why Hulk Didn’t Heal From The Snap


Avengers Endgame Directors Explain Why Hulk Didn’t Heal From The Snap

It’s one of the most asked questions among diehard Marvel fans: Why didn’t Hulk heal after he donned the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped everyone back in Avengers: Endgame? Actually, the question usually comes out more like this: “Hulk always heals! What the hell were they thinking?”

In a world where scientists turn into angry god-like monsters, flying vikings can withstand the power of a sun, and Captain America can kick his own (America’s own, actually) ass, nothing should be impossible. But throughout comic book history, Hulk has most definitely always healed. He had his skin almost completely vaporized off, yet he healed. An alien virus tried to turn him into a, well, I guess an alien. Still nothing. Even a point blank nuke or a mouthful of grenades from Deadpool didn’t end him. So, why is a snap while wearing that glove taking so damn long to heal?

Well, in a recent Twitter Q&A with Wired, the Russo brothers took it a step further with a statement that’s sure to tick off some fanboys even more, as here’s what they had to say:

“The Hulk has never come up against every Infinity Stone in a gauntlet, and the pure power of the stones. Thanos is nearly invincible, and he did not heal either. So, clearly, when you wield the full power of the Infinity Stone, it’s irreparable damage to your being.”

It looks like the official word is that the Stones were just too much. The directors have stated before that Banner’s injuries are here to stay, but seeing how they’re now done with Marvel movies, it’ll be up to some other director to heal the Hulk. Not to say the injuries can’t be permanent, but I don’t see any future outings with Mark Ruffalo’s big green guy fighting bad guys with one arm almost literally tied behind his back.

We all have that friend, or maybe we are that friend, who’s severely hung up on this topic and will argue it till the end of time, but tell us, should Hulk have healed from his injuries sustained in Avengers: Endgame or not? To the comments section you go.


Avengers Endgame Directors Explain Why Hulk Didn’t Heal From The Snap


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