Ammonite Who Was The Real Mary Anning


Ammonite Who Was The Real Mary Anning

A story about a self-taught palaeontologist called Mary Anning has been transformed to the big screen as Ammonite, a depiction of a 19th-century love affair.

Francis Lee, who wrote and directed the film starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, readily admits this is not a biopic – and stands by the decision to depict a same-sex love story, despite the fact that Anning’s romantic inclinations are lost to history.

What is known about Anning – who helped shape our understanding of prehistoric life – makes it clear why her story inspired Ammonite, which has its UK premiere on Saturday.

“Mary Anning was three things you didn’t want to be in 19th-century Britain – she was female, working class and poor,” says Anya Pearson, who is campaigning for a statue in her honour.

“This was a time when even educated women weren’t allowed to own property or vote, but despite this horrendous upbringing she was able to do all the these incredible things.”

Anning’s life was scarred by hardship and tragedy but also punctuated by scientific firsts.

She regularly risked her life in her hunt for fossils, making discoveries that captured the attention of the scientific elite, even though her social status and gender meant she never received the credit she deserved.

In 1811, at the age of just 12, Mary discovered a 5.2m (17ft) skeleton, now known to be an ichthyosaur. Twelve years later, she found the first complete skeleton of a plesiosaur, a marine reptile so bizarre that scientists thought it was a fake.

She also unearthed the UK’s first known remains of a pterosaur, believed to be the largest-ever flying animal.

It was a year after her father’s death that Anning discovered the skeleton – now known to be an ichthyosaur – that helped propel her into the history books.

At the time, the notion of extinction was a relatively new idea to science and the otherworldly creature became a topic of debate for many years.

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Lyme Regis Museum geologist Paddy Howe, who was a technical adviser for Ammonite, describes Anning as a “very poor child who was making fantastic scientific discoveries”.

“At this time, geology and palaeontology were burgeoning sciences – just coming into their own, he says. “We know about ichthyosaur bones from the 1600s but it was the first one to be studied by scientists. It was very important.”

Ammonite Who Was The Real Mary Anning


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