A Hit Share Market Debut For BTS’s Music Label


A Hit Share Market Debut For BTS’s Music Label

Shares in the management agency for BTS, the massively popular seven-member K-Pop group, almost doubled from their initial asking price on their debut.

It left Big Hit Entertainment with a market value of more than $8bn (£6bn).

While interest in the flotation was high, there are concerns about Big Hit’s perceived over-reliance on BTS, which accounts for 88% of its revenue.

There are concerns that the group’s upcoming military service could also affect profitability.

Interest in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) was high, with almost half of Big Hit’s 10 million tradable shares changing hands.

When trading began, Big Hit shares initially jumped to 270,000 Korean won ($235; £180). Although the shares then slipped back to close at 258,000 won, that was still about 90% higher than the initial IPO price.

The debut will make Big Hit’s chief executive Bang Si-hyuk a billionaire.

It will also be worth millions to each of BTS’s seven members, who were each given more than 63,000 shares.

At the listing ceremony, Mr Bang said the company planned to create “new value chains” to ensure the company’s continued growth.

Big Hit Entertainment has bought up several other smaller labels in the past year, but BTS is still by far their biggest money maker.


Why do investors think BTS is a good bet?

BTS is one of the world’s biggest acts, and many investors feel it’s a safe bet that they will continue to make money for Big Hit.

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Even in the age of digital streaming, their album sales are strong, and their shows sell out within minutes.

They also have a large number of advertising partnerships for products ranging from cars to cosmetics.

A Hit Share Market Debut For BTS’s Music Label


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